Are you a writer? An artist? Secret weekend free verse scribe? Underground kamikaze collager? Parnassus is looking for you!

Parnassus accepts submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction,
and art and photography in all forms of media.

We accept submissions ONLY from students, staff,
or faculty of Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill and Lawrence, MA.

Please do not submit if you are not associated with this college!

Please read carefully and
follow all of the instructions that follow:

Submitting to Parnassus is easy, and there are two ways to do so:

First, all submissions must be accompanied by a short personal bio (maximum 150 words).
The bio should be written about yourself in third person, and it can be as serious or bizarre as you like it.
Please include the bio with your attachments in your submission email. Only one bio per person is needed.

Choose Your Path:

Contributions to Parnassus are limited to students, faculty, and staff of Northern Essex Community College and are accepted in the areas of Poetry,
Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and various art media and photography. Students may submit as many entries in any category as they wish.
Entries are reviewed and voted upon democractically by the editorial staff. We will contact only those who have been accepted.
Submission deadlines are announced around the NECC campuses each semester. Good luck!

All views expressed are those of the writers only. First North American serial rights
held by Parnassus. All individual rights reserved by the individual authors.

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