So you're an artist or photographer, eh? Fantastic. You're in the right place.

We are interested in seeing your best photography or art of any media.
Please be choosy about what you send us - submit your best work only,
and please limit the amount that you submit to just a few entries.
How to do it? It's quite simple:

Electionic Submission
We greatly prefer that you submit your work digitally directly to us via email.
If you do so, please send us your work in the best quality scan or resolution you can manage - 300 dpi would be best, sized around 8x11.
Keep in mind that the file size is not too large, though. JPG, GIF, PNG, or other standard image file formats are fine.

Email submissions, along with a completed submission form for each entry (see link below)
as well as a full bio by the stated deadline date to Faculty Advisor Patrick Lochelt at:

Please write "Parnassus Submission" in the email subject title.

Remember that each entry needs its own form. Please fill out all required information.

If, for some reason, your digital file is not scanned well enough, we may need
to ask you for your original artwork or a higher quality file for our printing purposes.

Physical Submission
If you would prefer to directly give us your artwork or photography, or do not have the capability
to scan your work, we can accept physical submissions, but only when given directly to us, as we have
had issues with work being stolen from public drop off boxes, unfortunately. We will accept in-person submissions:

Faculty Advisor Patrick Lochelt is available in his office, C317S by appointment.

Entries must be handed directly to the Advisor, as we cannot accept work left behind - this is a safety issue entirely.
Remember that each entry will need its own submission form (see link above), as well as a full artist's bio.

Best of luck to all artists who submit - we appreciate each submission. We will only contact those who are accepted,
so if you do not hear back from us by the end of the semester, unfortunately, your work has not been chosen, but
please try again for our next submission deadline! Please contact us directly with any questions you may have.


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