Norman Beraha - "A Decidedly Unsubtle Metaphor"
Norman Beraha - "Margins, or I never seem to have enough post-its"
Norman Beraha - "weap-on (weh-pen) n."
Rafael Soto - "Revolution"
Michael Insero - "to be Feared"
Michael Insero - "City Pigeons"
Michael Insero - "Revolution"
Michael Insero - "Lower Back Pain"
Michael Insero - "Cicada"
Matthew Jordan - "Ode to the Red Death"
Daniel Keating Jr. - "Poems I Wrote for My Grandmother as She Vanished Before Me"
Sam Rodin - "Stranger Major Arcana"
Diana Burke - "So It Goes That"
Diana Burke - "Sonnet on Poor Players"
Diana Burke - "Why... do I do... this to you?"
A. Maker - "Her Name"
Cody J. Care - "Lumaya"
Justin Stevens - "Alone"
Michael Bushway - "Geppetto"
Michael Bushway - "The Dark Soul"


Patty Gosselin - "10 Drives"
Kaily Burke - "'Do You Believe in Ghosts?'"
Susan LaFortune - "Moon Cow and Old Dog"

Art Contributors

Tabitha Soper - Photography
Anne Hopkins - Photography
Wilmer Sosa - Photography
Glen Rudis - Photography
Carol Cruz - Photography

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