Joy Prentice - "Just Sparrows"
Joy Prentice - "Nest Building"
MJ Wagner - "Crossing Hampton Bridge"
Joshua R. Davidson - "Acquainted w/the Night"
Irish Coffee - "The Chase"
Stephen Foley - "The Love of Our Lord"
AJ Cyr - "I Saw the Trees"
Sonia Courey - "just thought i'd let you know"
Fausto Moscat - "Myth of Life"
Robin L. Tremblay - "Oklahoma"
Robin L. Tremblay - "Planet Star"
Ana Cristina Puello - "When?"
Cobb - "I Find Myself Alone"
Cynthia Denman- "The Seasons of My Love"


Mary L. Mattison Coburn - "Autumn Guests"
Barbara J. Polletta - "Speaking by Surprise"
Nancy Allard - "Where Has She Gone?"

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