Jerilyn Hastings - "The Cry"
E. Mark Hussey - "The Heathen People Worship the Sun"
J. Brooks Wales - "V-Day"
Dean Quarrell - "New Monday"
Jon Palmer - Untitled
Dean Quarrell - "Breakwater"
Raymond E. St. Amand - "The Ballad of Susanna Martin"
E. Mark Hussey - "Advent of Advent"
E. Mark Hussey - "From Southy to the State House"
David Clark - "Invincible"
Thomas F. Sexton- "Semantics Antics"
Raymond E. St. Amand - "Easter '65"
Jerilyn Hastings - "The Desert"
Dean Quarrell - "Sands II"
E. Mark Hussey - "Unecht Heilsgeschicte"
E. Mark Hussey - "Author's Notes on 'Unecht Heilsgeschicte' "
Thomas F. Sexton- "Megopolis"


J. Huston - "And Who Shall Lick My Wounds"
Raymond E. St. Amand- "August 1944"


Ronald Brothers - Illustration for "The Ballad of Susanna Martin"
Jerilyn Hastings - Illustration for "And Who Shall Lick My Wounds"

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