Diana Burke - "A Kid's Head Space"
Diana Burke - "All That and the Truth"
Diana Burke - "I Want Nothing"
Diana Burke - "New England Antiquing"
Kendall Tobin - "Home"
Kendall Tobin - "Iced Tea"
Kendall Tobin - "Juniper"
Toni Pavao - "Empty Thoughts"
Toni Pavao - "Night Sky"
Scotty Silva - "Counterfeit"
Scotty Silva - "This Beating"
Scotty Silva - "Black Widow"
Scotty Silva - "As I Lay"
Yomerly Rodriguez - "A New Face"
Gabe Balog - "The Boy that Dreamed"
Leslie Perez - "Nuestra Ave Amiga/Our Friend Bird"
Leslie Perez - "Obra Nueva/New Play"
Leslie Perez - "Perdida/Lost"


Sean Cowan - "All Death's Children"

Art Contributors

Anne Hopkins - Photography
Kendall Tobin - Photography
Toni Pavao - Photography
Aaliyah Cuevas - Photography
Yomerly Rodriguez - Artwork
Cassandra Kussad - Mixed media/Artwork
Diana Burke - Artwork
Daniel Luddy - Artwork
Sherri Acevedo - Photography
Steven DiLeo - Artwork

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