Guest Artist

Dale Rogers Jr.


Diana Burke - "Horse Thief"
Diana Burke - "The Ballad of Miss Mary Moncrieff"
Diana Burke - "Morrigan"
Susan LaFortune - "Moths"
Susan LaFortune - "My Boy is a Machine"
Susan LaFortune - "Upon This First Sunrise"
Susan LaFortune - "In Flux"
Susan LaFortune - "After Watching The Documentary: Salt of the Earth
Abbey Tannatt - "The Branches of My Mind"
Nasrin Musa - "My Ocean"
Daniel Keating Jr. - "Last Stop on the Commuter Rail to Lisbon. Shadow Puppets on the Citadel in Budapest."
Tabitha Soper - "Let Me"
Abbie Brown - "Irony"
Caitlyn Coleman - "A Chance Encounter"


Amber Finney - "What it Meant"
Susan LaFortune - "Burn That Shit Down"
Susan LaFortune - "Everything Starts Out as a Love Story"
Stephanie Bellapianta - "I Remember"
Michelle Colbert-Mason - "The Unexpected Bus Station Community"
Luisa Maria Jimenez - "A Fucking Hurricane"

Art Contributors

Anne Hopkins - Photography
Chrissy Einhorn - Drawing and Painting
Julia Krupnik - Drawing and Sculpture
Adam Dorgan - Photography
Steven C. Perry - Painting
Carlos Tapia III - Photography

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