Guest Artist

Lance Hidy - Images of Children


Ashley Mahoney - "A Voice Within"
Chelsea Flannigan - "Melted Memories"
Elizabeth Morris - "Sister"
Elizabeth Morris - "Imperfections"
Courtney Morin - "The Nature of Being"
Herb Lindtvelt - "Wait"
Armando Belliard - "The Tree"
Ginger Hurajt - "By The Roots"
Katherine Hailson - "Mirrors of Society"
Susan L. Waterman - "Conversations on a Death Bed"
Susan L. Waterman - "I am a Mouth Attached to a Sound"
Susan L. Waterman - "Son"


Abe Anavisca - "The Mountain"
Matthew McKinley - "An Introvert's Origin"
Ummil-Khair Yusuf - "Apartment 9D"
Susan L. Waterman - "Battlecry"
Susan L. Waterman - "Bleeding Hands"

Art Contributors

Anne Hopkins - Altered Photography
Erika Galluzzo - Photography
Ginger Hurajt - Photography
Julia Ann - Drawing
Raul Lozada - Drawings
Ruth Acevedo - Drawing
Alex Webb - Digital Artwork

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