Guest Author

Michael Cormier - "The Worshipping Tree"


Karen Brockelbank - "A Ginger Dreamscape"
Karen Brockelbank - "Cacophony"
Karen Brockelbank - "The Park"
Courtney Morin - "The Midwife of Tragedy"
Courtney Morin - "The Anatomy of Ghosts"
Courtney Morin - "I Fear I Have Become the Universe"
Courtney Morin - "Holy Land"
Fergie Batista - "Reminds and Remains"
Ginger Hurajt - "Thank You Crow"
Walter Torres - "I Bleed Red"
Walter Torres - "Woe"
Jennifer Joan Fay - "O Dear Child"
Yunilda Garcia- "Loba Pacifica"


Trish Pettinati - "Last Day"

Creative Non Fiction

Karen Brockelbank - "Dallas"

Art Contributors

Grant Bellino - Photography
Jacob Risacher - Sculpture
Janely Echevarria - Drawings
Althea John - Photography
Jose Saul Joubert - Photography and Painting
Lesa Tran - Photography
Raul Lozada - Drawing
Ray Florent - Photography
Sam Larsen - Photography
Anne Hopkins - Photography
Ginger Hurajt - Photography
Noah Greenstein - Photography
Cinthia Arias - Drawing
Patricia Ketabchi - Photography

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