Guest Author

Diannelly Antigua - "While Looking Through Photo Albums"
Diannelly Antigua - "Days of 1996"
Diannelly Antigua - "Thursday in Bushwick"


Yunilda Garcia - "What is the American Dream?"
Kim Whiting - "A Million Words"
Crystal Willette - "There She Sits"
Crystal Willette - "Time"
Ginger Hurajt - "Tinder"
Marc Mannheimer - "Leaving (the Woods)"
Marc Mannheimer - "Vegas"
Marc Mannheimer - "(Untitled) Moon"
Chad Gorham - "Murky and Brown"
Grant Tyler Bellino - "A Woods of Oneness"
Grant Tyler Bellino - "Uneasiness at Night"
Jessica Angelini - "Metal Woman"
Rebecca Westerman - "Mumble"
Rebecca Westerman - "Where are You Walt Whitman?"
Rebecca Westerman - "Tightrope of Love"


Clare Thompson-Ostrander - "The Everyday Mannequin"
Chris Wall - "A Bard's Quest"
Grant Tyler Bellino - "How the Cowardly Lion Grew His Mane"
Yerelyn Lopez - "Sinners"
Edgar Eli Linan - "The World Ends With You"

Creative Non Fiction

Sarah Courchesne - "Unearned Spring"
Shauna Matthieu - "Waistline"
Chad Gorham - "What Was Normal"
Nicholas Donnellan - "Lahey and Lavender"

Art Contributors

Adam Dorgan - Photography and Drawing
Danielle Stanuchenski - Photography
Helen Shiepe - Photography
Jay Bellino - Comic Story and Artwork
Jose Saul Jobert - Photography
Katherine Stone - Photography
Kevin Stanley - Artwork
Kylie Duford - Photography
Noah Greenstein - Photography
Paige Fournier - Sculpture

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