Guest Authors

Junot Diaz - "Homecoming, With Turtle"

Carlos Contreras - "Poem for Lawrence"
Carlos Contreras - "84'"
Carlos Contreras - "Something Different"


Joshua Chapman - "Straws"
Jay Biz - "Free"
Timothy Vermette - "Arrow"
Timothy Vermette - "Out of Winter Comes Death"
Dylan McDougall - "An Octopus Has Three Hearts"
Wallace Clark IV - "Flowers in the River"
Wallace Clark IV - "The Witch's Waltz"
Wallace Clark IV - "Bones"
Muriel Lucia - "Sons of Eve"
Angilyne Bailey - "The Color Brown"
Samantha Titus - "Life"


Clare Thompson-Ostrander - "Two Flat Lincolns"
Clare Thompson-Ostrander - "Mi Premiere Beso"
Justin Merced - "The Climb"
Peter Neverette - "Bottle Ginger"

Creative Non Fiction

Everson Taveras - "A Matter of Time"

Art Contributors

Cynthia Jastrem - Photography
Karen Melisi - Drawings
Erin Brent - Digital Art
Regina Papalia - Photography
Clifford Pierre Lewis - Print and Drawing
Eli Portuhondo - Photography
Kaleigh Baker - Artwork
Kiara Pichardo- Photography
Luis Santana - Photography

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