Timothy Vermette - "The Accursed Heart's Fate"
Michele Simon - "Forgotten"
Mary Hanewich - "Mother's Nest"
Eddie Brophy - "Climbing up a Joshua Tree to Find Madonna"
Eddie Brophy - "Silhouette Sweetheart"
Eddie Brophy - "You and What Salvation Army?"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "Snow White"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "Purple"
Elisabeth Beverage - "Odes to the Desks in My Biology Classroom"
Elisabeth Beverage - "Where Truth is Found"
Krista Demarkis - "Brother"
David Bowie - "The People's Champion"
David Bowie - "The Search for Love and God"
David Bowie - "The Robbed Poor"
Justin Merced - "Hiding Behind Blades of Grass"
Nikki Olson- "(My) Thought Balloons"
Molly Bagley - "Water Woman"


Lisa Mahoney - "Coffee Break"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "Doo Rag"
Clare Thompson-Ostrander - "Mittens"
Clare Thompson-Ostrander - "Stay"
Trish Malone Schade - "Shelf Life"
Trish Malone Schade - "Blazing Ciliations"

Creative Non Fiction

Michele Simon - "Chasing Cars"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "No Matter What"
Victoria Pham - "What Does it Feel Like to be on Top of the World?"
Craig Corsaro - "Building a Life"

Art Contributors

Michele Simon - Photography
David Sheeley - Photography
Nikki Olson - Paintings
Amanda Tempesta - Painting and Sketch
Timothy Dwyer - Photography
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - Photography
Julie Newcomb - Artwork
Eli Portuhondo- Artwork
Katie Pazzanese - Artwork
Katie Ruiz - Artwork
Megan Cheney - Painting
Patrick Curley - Digital Artwork
Vaughn Abbott - Digital Artwork
Vilavy Vila - Digital Artwork

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