August, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Another summer, come and gone. We hope you had some good times, and that you're ready to get back to NECC! That, of course, means that it's also time to start up the engine on a brand new Parnassus! Here it is, our bi-annual call for staff members, new and old, to converge and set into motion our grand schemes for 2012-2013 and the future of Parnassus. Have you been interested in joining the staff? Do you want to know more about how Parnassus works? Or are you an old-timer returning to the fold? Come on down! Our first meeing of the semester will be:

Friday, September 14th, from 12-1 pm, in conference room C314F in the Spurk building at the Haverhill campus.

This will be a meet and greet and basic Q&A session for prospective Parnassus staff members, and a way to get all the information you need to be a staff member for the best in the nation literary magazine we all know and love. If you have questions or if you want to join the staff, but cannot make it to that meeting, please email faculty advisor Patrick Lochelt:, and we'll get you fixed up.

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a copy of the amazing 2012 edition of Parnassus, your wait will be over soon enough, as we will be putting out a ton more once the fall semester begins. Keep an eye on the green stand in the C building lobby for your chance to pick one up!

We hope you have an excellent start to the fall semester, and we hope to see you involved with Parnassus this year, as a staff member, artist, writer, or all of the above! See you around soon.

June, 2012

The 2012 Parnassus Has Arrived!

Phew! We did it! Yet another amazing Parnassus has left the printers and arrived on our doorsteps, a literary infant to the world ready to be coddled by all of you wonderful readers. We think this one is one more in our long line of fantastic issues, and we're sure you'll agree, but don't take our word for it! Go get your own copy! As always, copies of Parnassus can be found in the lobby of the C "Spurk" building on the Haverhill campus. They're there until they're gone, so move quickly! (Although we have a LOT of copies to share, so don't worry too much about that!)

Immense thanks to EVERYONE involved with this issue, including everyone who submitted a piece for consideration of publication this time around. We simply could not do this without your mind-blowing works of art and literature, and we appreciate every single piece that crosses our desks. Special thanks as well to guest author Gregory Maguire, who wrote the fantastic original piece "In That Country" which is being published for the first time in our 2012 issue, as well as to Tom Sexton, our guest alumni poet, who was involved as one of the founders of Parnassus back in 1965 at the REAL infancy of Parnassus. Both men gave us some really inspired and awesome works that we know you'll have fun dragging your eyeballs around.

Time for our short summer hibernation, but Parnassus will be back as strong as ever and ready to start fresh all over again for the 2013 issue, which we hope you'll be a part of! More information soon about our first staff meeting and submission deadline of the year. Thanks, and go enjoy the 2012 Parnassus!

March, 2012

Big News! The 2012 Parnassus Guest Author Will Be....

Gregory Maguire, the author of many amazing works, including the enormously popular novel Wicked, which became a Broadway musical sensation. We're extremely honored to have Mr. Maguire's work in our upcoming 2012 issue, which will be printed this coming May. Even more exciting, Mr. Maguire has very graciously agreed to give us a brand new, original short story, never before printed anywhere else! This is the first time one of our guest authors has given us brand new work, so we're doubly enthusiastic about it all! We can't wait to get it printed so everyone can get their hands on this excellent story.

If you'd like to learn more about Gregory Maguire's works, check out his website:

Last Call for Submissions to the 2012 Edition of Parnassus!

This is it! Nobody lasts forever, but your published art and writing can live on long after you! Your last chance to get your amazing writing or art/photography is coming up VERY SOON! Here's the skinny:

Writing Deadline: Friday, March 9th
Art/Photo Deadline (online): Monday, March 19th

All the important details can be found here on our site. As always, we will contact only those who have been accepted, likely in the week following spring break. Best of luck to everyone, and we look forward to reading your work!

January, 2012

Parnassus is Back for the Spring Semester!

It's another new semester at NECC, and that means it's time for Parnassus to shift into full-on literary magazine production mode! So, hey! You! What do you have planned over the next few months? Doesn't look so far like you'll have snow shoveling as an excuse, so why not come check out joining our ranks?

It's time again for our twice-yearly call for new staff members! Joining Parnassus is a really awesome thing to do, and the commitment is very low - we meet about five times or so over the semester to go over ideas for the book, fundraising, layout and design ideas, and, of course, to dig into and choose from the many submissions we receive each semester for consideration of publishing in our fancy little book. It's also an excellent resume item! Spring semester is when we actually publish, so it's a bit more intense than the fall, but it's also a ton more fun, as we finalize everything about our righteous little book before we push it out to the ever-awaiting masses in May.

So please: if you're a creative and open-minded soul, come by for our first meeting to check it all out:

Thursday, February 2nd, 12-1 pm, C314F, Haverhill Campus

If you'd like more information, please email faculty advisor Patrick Lochelt: We hope to see you there!

2011 Parnassus Named as Finalist in the CSPA Crown Awards!

We're beginning to get embarassed at this point, but we're extremely proud to announce that the 2011 Parnassus has been recognized once again as a finalist in the Crown Awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association! This is an honor we receieved for the 2010 Parnassus as well, and this officially makes the 2012 Parnassus the most honored issue yet! We couldn't be happier with this news, and once again, we extend our congratulations to everyone who participated in the issue.

The awards ceremony takes place in March, so we'll have more information then about how we placed. For a full breakdown of the collegiate Crown Award finalists, visit this link for the full list.

Parnassus is in winter hibernation mode now, but we will awaken soon with a new spring deadline. Get those creative minds flowing, and we look forward to seeing what you have in the new semester!

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