November, 2011

2011 Parnassus Named Best Two-Year College Literary Magazine in the ACP Awards!

We're incredibly excited to report that the results are in from the Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker awards, and the 2011 Parnassus was chosen as the best two-year college literary magazine in the country! This is the highest honor that a single issue of Parnassus has ever received in its 46-year history, and we couldn't be more proud.

The ACP is one of the most prestigious organizations in the country, and this is truly a great honor for Parnassus and the college as a whole. To all who were involved with this issue, we offer a huge congratulations and a big thanks - we definitely couldn't have done this without you, and this award is yours to share.

2011 Parnassus Fall Submissions are Open!

It's time again to get your best work to us - the fall submission deadline has been set, and we want your work! As always, we are looking for the best fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, photography, and art of all types from NECC students. Many people put off submitting until our spring deadline, but fall is the best time to get your work in, so that if needed, you can revise and/or edit your work to make it even better with our comments to help out. The deadline this year is:

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

You can find out all the necessary details here on our site: Contact and Submit to Parnassus Good luck to everyone who submits - we can't wait to see your stuff!

September, 2011

2011 Parnassus Named as Finalist in the ACP Awards!

Big awards news about the 2011 Parnassus: for the second time in Parnassus' history, the Associated Collegiate Press has named us as a finalist in their prestigious collegiate literary magazine Pacemaker awards, putting us in the top ten literary magazines in the country for all colleges and universities nationwide! We're extremely proud of this honor, and we offer huge thanks to the officials and judges of the ACP. The Pacemaker awards will be officially announced at the end of October, but as they say, it's an honor to be nominated, and we truly are thankful. Huge congratulations to all who were involved with the production and content of the 2011 Parnassus. This is, as always, just as much your award as anyone else's, and we couldn't have done it without you! Here's hoping this is a good sign for the rest of "awards season" over the next few months.

For more information, please visit the ACP's list of finalists for this year's Pacemaker awards.

August, 2011

First Fall Parnassus Meeting and Other News

Well! Yet another fall semester is rapidly approaching, and with that, it's time to start up the ground work for a brand new Parnassus! This, of course, means that it's time for a new call for staff members, new and old, to converge and set our evil master plans for 2011-2012. Have you been interested in joining the staff? Do you want to know more about how Parnassus works? Or are you an old-timer returning to the fold? We're ready to receive you! Our first meeing of the semester will be:

Thursday, September 15th, from 12-1 pm, in conference room C314F.

This will be a meet and greet and basic Q&A session for prospective Parnassus staff members, and a way to get all the information you need to be a staff member for the multi-award winning literary magazine we all know and love. If you have questions or if you want to join the staff, but cannot make it to that meeting, please email faculty advisor Patrick Lochelt:, and we'll get you fixed up.

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a copy of the amazing 2011 edition of Parnassus, your wait will be over soon enough, as we will be putting out a ton more once the fall semester begins. Keep an eye on the green stand in the C building lobby for your chance to pick one up!

We hope you have an excellent start to the fall semester, and we hope to see you involved with Parnassus this year, as a staff member, artist, writer, or all of the above! See you around soon.

Parnassus on Facebook

Want to keep up with all the important Parnassus news as it arrives? If you haven't done so yet, come "Like" us at our Facebook Page, which we keep up-to-date with all the goings-on with Parnassus and other related news.

Get updates, see photos, and hear all about what's coming up (or what went down), and feel free to ask us any questions or send along any comments, as well! We hope to see you there!

April, 2011

Parnassus Release Party and Open Mic News

We're happy to announce that the 2011 Parnassus annual release party and open mic has an official date and time:

Monday, May 9th, 6:30-8:30pm, NECC Haverhill, Tech Center Room TC 103A.

We've had an excellent time the last two years we've done our party this way, and we need your help to make it another great year! Come by and take in some good food, drink, and words as we celebrate the upcoming 2011 Parnassus. If you're a writer, published in the new book or not, please bring some of your short writing (poetry, short fiction, or creative nonfiction) to read on the mic. The turnout has been fantastic the last two years, so invite everyone you know who might be interested! We hope to see you all there!

Any questions? Please email faculty advisor Patrick Lochelt:

Huge Parnassus Guest Author Announcement!

Over the last few years, Parnassus has been able to bring in some amazing guest authors, and we are extremely happy to announce that our upcoming 2011 edition will feature none other than the master of horror and local author Stephen King! Mr. King has graciously granted us access to reprint a classic short story of his, "Night Surf" from his best selling short story collection, Night Shift.

This new issue is already shaping up to be a great one, and now with the addition of this incredible guest author, we're sure this will be one of the best in Parnassus' history. Stay tuned in May for this amazing new issue, and come back here soon for a sneak preview of the new design!

February, 2011

Spring Parnassus Submissions are Open!

Parnassus is ready and waiting for the FINAL submission deadline for the upcoming 2011 issue, to be printed in May! As always, we're looking for your best fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, as well as your artwork or photography for consideration of publication. We had a great drive in the fall, and we received some amazing work from NECC students, but we always need more great stuff from you, so please send it our way as soon as you can!
Note that this semester we have two separate deadlines, one for writing (Friday, March 11th), and one for ONLINE art/photo submissions (Tuesday, March 22nd). More info can be found in the Contributions Section of the website.

If you'd like more information, please email faculty advisor Patrick Lochelt: We look forward to seeing your work!

Spring Semester - The Return of Parnassus!

Happy New Year from Parnassus! We hope you had a great break and that your spring semester has started up well. Despite the massive amounts of snow we've gotten, Parnassus is ready to wake up from our hibernation and get to the final work on our 2011 issue. To pull this off, we need you, the attentive, creative NECC student to jump in - it's time again for our twice-yearly call for new staff members! Joining Parnassus is a ton of fun, and the commitment is very low - we meet about five times or so over the semester to go over ideas for the book, fundraising, layout and design ideas, and, of course, to dig into and choose from the many submissions we receive each semester for consideration of publishing in our fancy little book. Spring semester is when we actually publish Parnassus, so it's a bit more intense than the fall, but it's also a ton more fun, as we finalize everything about our fantastic little publication before we set it free to leave the nest and join the world of literary magazine fame. We hope you'll come by for our first meeting to check it all out:

Wednesday, February 9th, 12-1 pm, C203

If you'd like more information, please email faculty advisor Patrick Lochelt: We hope to see you there!

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