Guest Author - Stephen King

"Night Surf"


Kenzie Spears - "Plastic Heart"
David Bowie - "Life's Great Chore"
Devin Grace Parks - "Sylvia"
Devin Grace Parks - "Magic"
Jessica Rizkallah- "Aristotle's Triangle was not Scalene"
Elisabeth Beverage - "Whisper of Identities"
Ausubel Pichardo - "Questions from My Blood"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "Never Ending Tide"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "The Teen-ager"
Sir Luke Havergall IV - "Star-Flecked Twinkie"
Ashely Hollingsworth - "Two"
Regina Schulman - "First Frost"


Chris Pariso- "Z"
Karl Hutchins - "Floating Girls"
Karl Hutchins - "A Timepiece for Death"
William Montibello - "A Great Day in Boston"

Creative Non Fiction

Michele Simon- "Blazing Horizon"
Lyn Lutrzykowski - "Tiny Revelations of a Recluse"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "Where There's Smoke"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo Lombari - "The Brown Jacket"

Art Contributors

Melanie Haynes - Photography
Juliann Sherill - Photography
Haley Norris- Sketch and Painting
Shannon Keating - Photography
Megan Cheney - Photography
Amy Titus - Sketch and Photography
David Sheeley - Photography
Heather Norcross - Photography
Will Tejeda - Photography
Kelly Vilsmeier - Photography
Devin Grace Parks - Photography
Sarah Goodridge - Photography
Madelaine Thompson - Photography
Lydia See - Photography
Dariush Nejad - Photography
Rebeca McBrien - Photography
Michele Simon - Photography

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