Guest Artist

Marc Mannheimer

Guest Authors - NECC Poets

Trish Shade
"Electronic Eye: A Dramatic Monologue"
"Horizontal Freedom"

Delight Reese
"T'ai Chi Class"
"Improbable Odds"

Ginger Hurajt
"Better Forgotten"

Joanna Fortna
"Mid-February on the Green Line"

Sheila Kenyon
"Warning Signs"

Joy Gonsalves
"The Moon in January"


Francisco Baez - "Love is a Wave"
Kevin Dempsey - "Night Walker"
Kevin Dempsey - "Ode to an Egg"
Kevin Dempsey - "Northern Awakening"
James Daley- "The Hummingbird"
James Daley - "Archetypal Suburbia"
R. Tristan DeWitt - "Today's Harm"
R. Tristan DeWitt - "A Terrestrial Affair"
Thomas F. Shamma - "Cognitive Dissonance"
Thomas F. Shamma - "To My Daughter"
Joseph Kariuki - "Stigmata"
Joseph Kariuki - "If Only I Could Smell Rain"
John Hoyt - "Pull the Plug"
Madelyn Kidder - "Julia"


Joshua Cirinna- "Bulimia and the Art of Marriage Maintenance "
Joshua Cirinna - "Beezus Breaks Her Works"
Alex Aro - "Minus the Queen"
Jamie Heminway - "Last Rites"

Art Contributors

Andrew Twyman - Photography
Chantelle Montgomery - Photography
Ali Daigle - Sketch
Zachary Meader - Photography
Ivan Perez - Photography, Digital Art, and Painting
Joshua Cirinna - Sketch and Photography
Joan Moffitt - Print
Conrad Fitton - Photography
Logan Blinn - Photography and Painting
Stephanie Vlack - Photography
Megan Cheney - Sketch
Sarah Goodridge - Photography
Madelaine Thompson - Photography
Dariush Nejad - Photography
Sam McCarthy - Collage
Matthew Milone - Photography
Shoshana Browne - Photography
Samuel Rivera - Photography

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