Cover Art

Conrad Fitton - "Hunter"

Guest Author

Andre Dubus III - "Tracks and Ties"

Faculty Author

Hannah Larrabee

"Low Birds"
"Amelia Earhart in Love"
"Bar of Soap"


Thomas P. Antone - "The Sybil City"
Thomas P. Antone - "Cold Front"
Thomas P. Antone - "Anthony P. Farina"
Thomas P. Antone - "President's Day Sale"
Hunter Comack - "Carmine"
Hunter Comack - "Squirt"
Hunter Comack - "Beatrice"
Jay Ryan - "Calm Before the Storm"
Jay Ryan - "Incendiary"
Natasha Sudiaman - "Unraveling Seeker"
Timothy Michitson - "4:00 a.m."
Dan Racite - "What Waits"
Cathleen Jaffarian - "A Daughter's Goodbye"
Jade Scarpa - "A Storybook Ending"
Jade Scarpa - "Forever and Ever, Amen"
Merissa Livermore-Johnson - "Once Upon a Time"
William Leith - "Nightly Sake"
William Leith - "Untitled #5"
Lexie Hart - "Behind Closed Doors"
Zamira Cano-Aliaga - "Best of Times"
Ralph Basilere - "Beautiful Inside"

Creative Nonfiction

Ben Cantwell- "Walking 'Round Town"
Emma Ward - "Other People's Houses"
Joyce Shipley-Alders - "Slippery Slopes"


Diannely Antigua - "Dandelions, Mud Pies, and Peanut Butter and Fluff Sandwiches"
Alex Aro - "Devour (or a Lovely Appetite)"
Alex Aro - "Pieces of Glass"
Merissa Livermore-Johnson - "Lost in the Past"
Jay Ryan - "To Claim a World"
Bill Reid - "Questions and Chance Gifts"

Art Contributors

Dawson Lazdowski
Bart McArthur
Lathon Jones-Downing
Sophia Herring
Jesse Harrison
Sam McCarthy
Emma Ward
Adam Mooshian
Conrad Fitton
Zamira Cano-Aliaga
Carolyn Jarvis

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