Guest Author

Steve Almond - "Sweet Jesus"


Aura Valdes - "The Still Dance"
Aura Valdes - "Under My Skin"
Diannely Antigua - "For Grey"
Anthony Gan - "The Reading of the Thread"
Alex Aro - "Hylas and the Nymphs"
Artemis Savory - "The Curious Psyche: Psyche Opening the Golden Box"
Artemis Savory - "Lonely Sunday"
Artemis Savory - "Slammed Shut"
Meredith Alves - "Build"
Meredith Alves - "3"
Meghan Dempsey - "Never Took Much"
Meghan Dempsey - "Echoes of the Past"
Mary Ellen D'Angelo-Lombari - "High Speed"
Richard Fahey - "To Sonia"
Ralph Basilere - "Jellybean"
Karina Rodriguez - "At Birth"
Christopher Powell - Untitled
Christopher Powell - Untitled
Sarah Brent - "hydrangea"
Corey Rappsilber - "Death's Season"
Christian Dunbar - "Transit"

Creative Nonfiction

Tom Whalen - "What's Your Point?"
Artemis Savory - "Compost Bouquet"


Alex Aro - "War Zone"
Alex Aro - "Under the Tree"
Megan Baldonado - "Girl (2005)"
Zona N. Sullivan - "Ignominy"
Richard Fahey - "The Brick"

Art Contributors

James Barille
Carolyn Jarvis-McManus
Candice Cote
Cheryl Comeau
Justin Ingaharro
Artemis Savory
Maryanne Scatamacchia
Sam McCarthy
Sophia Herring
Jessica Jensen
Jess Beckford
Joel Pecci
Katelyn Salerno
Lindsay Meredith
Linda Germain
Jeff LeBlanc

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