Alyssa Laurenza - "Sour Cider Air"
Thomas P. Antone - "Because Now There Are Two of Me"
Thomas P. Antone - "One Morning's Battle"
Tara Yeo - "Ode to the Baguette"
Tara Yeo - "Elegy for Grandma"
Liz Armstrong - "Campaign for a Cigarette"
Liz Armstrong - "Willing Victim"
Liz Armstrong - "The Intangible"
Liz Armstrong - "Servitude"
~J. Wildes - "A Degree in Failing"
Jeffery Bourbeau - "The Naked Lady"
Artemis Savory - "Dire Consequences"
Rob Carlson - "Occur, Hearts, Occur"
John Downey - "Good Old Oakdale"
Monique Belmer - "My Breasts"

Creative Nonfiction

Jame Joefield - "You're Home Now"


Rob Carlson - "Captain Mourning"
Diannely Antigua - "A Soft Goodbye"
John Downey - "Concerning Jennifer (Part 2: Rebuttal)"

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