Emily Dignan - "Waiting Out Another"
Donald Ian Poor - "Mantra for End-Users"
Jess Lane - "Citypoem"
Tania Antoinette Gonzalez - "Seasons of a Tormented Past"
Jillian Harlow - "The Emotion of You"
Michael Zuccola - "U Stupid"
Rob Carlson - "My Favorite Mountain"
Jillian Harlow - "Exquisite Pain of Desire"
Joshua Therrien - "Returning Thoughts"
Anders Warringer - "Celestial Advice"
Matt White - "Peeking Behind Closed Doors"
Jess Lane - "it's a cold sad bottom"
Joshua Therrien - "No Justice"
Lynne Favreau - "Where I'm From"
Meaghan Kountze - "My Jeans?"


Andrew Johnson - "Two Simple Words"
Avery Elzmyth - "Point of Darkness - Point of Light"

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