Joshua Therrien - "Eyes of Constellation"
Kate Warden - "The Cowboy"
Paul Melendy - "A Birthday Poem"
Joshua Therrien - "Insatiable"
Michelle Williams Hudson - "Shadows and Light Refracting"
Sandra Alicea - "To a Beautiful Person Like Me"
Patrick Warren - "Moonlit Night"
Jillian Harlow - "In the Eyes of the Beholder"
Bryan Burns-Fedele - "Want"
Paul Melendy - "Place Me No More..."
Patrick Ryan - "The Empty Church"
Cristine M. DiMario - "Seven Minutes"
Wesley Bitomski - "Like a Rose"
Anthony Gan - "Tomorrow"
Anthony Gan - "Clown of the Hour"
Erin Mulcahy - "Winter"
Dan Copeland - "The October Afternoon..."
Dan Copeland - "The Thawing of the Land..."


Andy Faraci - "'Roxies' Flashed Across..."
Linda Novotny - "The Boy Who Never Cried 'Wolf!'"

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