Karolyn Bourdreault - Untitled
Adam DeLuca - "Party Girl"
Kate Tolvanen - Untitled
Melissa Hannay - "The Beach"
Eric S. Perkins - "Crossing Styx"
Jaquelline Osborne - "Ballerina Girl"
Justin Termini - "An Exercise in Alcohol-Induced Poetry Writing"
Diana Finegold - "What Might be Death"
Cathleen Winship - "Photos"
Zhana Levitsky - Untitled
Eric S. Perkins - "The Moon and the Butterflies"
Karolyn Boudreault - Untitled
Brendan Cooney - "Loneliness"
Eric S. Perkins - "The Raft in the Lake"
Chuck Hudson - Untitled
Brendan Cooney - "The Death of an Everyman"


Adam Carter - "The One-Way Ticket"
Ken Samoisette - "It's Only Cold Outside"
Justin Termini -"Visions of Jack: A Walk Through the Dusty Streets of Lowell"

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