Eric S. Perkins - "Citadel"
Deb Turcotte - "An Insight Between Souls"
K. M. Surprenant - Untitled
Janice Reale-Hatem - "Moon Song Summer"
Janice Reale-Hatem - "Moon Song"
Janice Reale-Hatem - "Heartstrings"
Amedeo Soutine - "Baldpate"
Sharon Hale - "Self-worth"
Dan Copeland - Untitled Haiku
Dan Copeland - Untitled Haiku
Dan Copeland - Untitled
Kan Samoisette - Untitled
Melissa Hannay - "America the Beautiful?"
Eric S. Perkins - "Suicide"
Jessica Hamilton - "More Than a Dream"
Eric S. Perkins - "For: Miss-Fortunate"
Ken Samoisette - "A Tale of Two Confined Thoughts"
Janice Reale-Hatem - "Just a Moment"
K. M. Surprenant - "The ABCs of Life Without You..."
R. S. - Untitled
Craig Liversidge - "Wonder"
Kevin Dempsey - "Winter Blues"
Rose Elliott - "Summer"
Rose Elliott - "The Lilt in the Voice of a Phantom"
Rose Elliott - "Seperation"


R. J. - "Chances Are"
Janice Reale-Hatem - "Five Minutes"
Justin Termini -"Five Bullets and a Shattered Dream"

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